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              Rotary dehumidifier basic structure and working principle

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              Rotary dehumidifier is the core component of a honeycomb wheel, rotor by a special ceramic fiber carrier and active silica composite made of special wheels on both sides of the sealing device is divided into two areas, the processing area and the regeneration area, when Need to dehumidify the moist air through the processing area of the wheel, the water vapor of the wet air is adsorbed by the active silica gel of the runner, the dry air is sent to the space where the air blower needs to be calculated, while the slowly rotating wheel carries the trend The saturated water vapor enters into the regeneration zone and the high temperature air blown backwards in the regeneration zone causes the water adsorbed in the rotor to be desorbed and is discharged by the fan to the outside so as to restore the capability of the wheel to absorb moisture to complete the regeneration process, Rotating wheels continue to rotate, the above dehumidification and regeneration cycle to ensure that the dehumidifier sustained and stable dehumidification state.

              The moisture in the air is absorbed by the hydrophilic groups in the microwells of the silica gel. In addition, the condensed capillary structures in the microwells also absorb a large amount of water molecules. The heated air enters the regenerative cell to increase its temperature. The absorbed water molecules in the micro-cell are activated and the adsorption capacity is weakened. The water molecules are discharged from the micro-pores of the silica gel.
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