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              What's the function of effectCentral feed system components?

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              The central feeding system can ensure that the air of the whole system is transported to the raw materials to prevent the resurgence of the raw materials after the dehumidification and drying. At the same time in each transport line of stability, no blocking phenomenon occurred. It is used in conjunction with the central dehumidification drying system can be used after dehumidifying drying delivery line will be cleaned up to ensure that there is no residual pellets in the pipeline to prevent the resurgence of raw materials while also ensuring the raw material into the injection molding machine performance Consistent. The central feed system is also composed of a variety of devices, then what's the function of the central feed system components ?

              The role of the central feed system components:

              1, dust collector: It mainly protects the role of fans and collect fine dust.

              2, storage bucket: storage of raw materials used for the remaining equipment, can effectively reduce the pollution and waste of raw materials.

              3, branch station: It acts to separate raw materials, the raw materials assigned to each injection molding machine.

              4, take the time suction box: It is mainly used to empty the pipeline, installed in the dryer or the bottom of the bucket.

              5, electric eye hopper: It acts on the automatic replenishment of raw materials, when the hopper's raw material runs out, the electric eye bucket will automatically add raw materials.

              6, the central console: it is to control the main part of the entire system, equivalent to the computer's CPU, intelligent PLC + touch screen landscaping and intuitive, and easy to operate.

              As for the role of the central feeding system component equipment for everyone to share this, we can see from the above, the central feeding system components of the equipment has played a very important role!

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