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              Hengrong focus on the central feed system solutions!

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              Nowadays, many factories use the central feeding system because they can not only automate the coloring process, but also realize the operation effect of uninterrupted unmanned continuous forming operation. The control of all the feeding equipment effectively prevents the blockage in the storage bin happened. And the central feeding system has a variety of monitoring and protection functions, safe and reliable work, flexible color change, can adapt to the product of multi-color variety requirements, is designed for injection molding workshop plastic products designed for a feeding equipment .

              However, with the increasing demand of the central feeding system, many manufacturers have seen opportunities and have come to manufacture the feeding system products. However, due to the fact that the central feeding system Many system manufacturers, some manufacturers do not have complete production technology, resulting in the production of quality problems, if the use of poor quality of the central feed system, will have a significant impact, Dongguan City Hengrong Machinery Co., Ltd. The company is a professional central feeding system manufacturers, not only to provide you with high-quality feeding products, but also to provide you with a complete central feeding system solutions:

              1, plastic molding central feeding system solution:

              In order to ensure the operating efficiency of plastic molding workshop and the entire system is stable and prevent the blocking phenomenon, Dongguan Hengrong Machinery use of high technology to design and produce a workshop to meet the plastic molding of the central feeding system for the production site, The central feeding system completely separates the raw material and the drying cartridge from the site to save space and achieve the goal of clean and beautiful working environment at site, no heat source, environmental quality improvement and personnel turnover rate. The application of the central feed system has also brought many benefits to the raw material site, for example: reduce waste and reduce production costs; can save electricity and drying time; improve production efficiency and ensure yield and stability and so on ...

              2, precision electronics industry supply system solutions:

              Precision electronics industry is now mushroomed development, precision electronics industry raw material processing requirements are also rising, the electronic products, dehumidification and drying process will be more sophisticated and superb. Dongguan Hengrong machinery cohesion of a large number of sets of equipment research and development, design, manufacture and construction of experienced professionals, we have produced the central feeding system to ensure the consistency of the operation cycle, dehumidification and drying technology is good, well Improve the quality of electronic products. In addition, the central feed system to replace ordinary workers to remove parts from the mold more stable and secure.

              3, extrusion industry automatic feeding system solution:

              As the extrusion industry continues to evolve, the amount of material required is also growing, requiring fast operation of the drying process, proportionate pulverizer recovery and color matching processes, as well as the high degree of automation and monitoring Wait. This requires the use of efficient, more personalized automatic feeding system to meet the needs of the extrusion materials industry, Dongguan Hengrong automatic feeding system to achieve the automatic feeding, feeding uniform, automatic ingredients and the purpose of It can well realize the centralized processing of raw materials required in the extrusion industry, and the closed transportation, and thoroughly avoids the noise, dust and hot air pollution in the workshop, solves the high cost of repetitive manual handling of raw materials and inadvertently produces the shortage of dry materials, and The most important thing is to reduce procurement, power consumption, maintenance costs, improve product quality, improve work efficiency.

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