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              Why are Hengrong central feeding and conveying system so successful ?

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              Dongguan Hengrong Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Hengrong Machinery) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development, manufacture and service of rubber equipment whole plant automation equipment. Founded in 2006, with R & D department, design department, production department, sales department, the Ministry of Finance and a series of complete company agencies. The company has set up two production bases in Dongguan, China and Kunshan. At the same time, it has set up many service offices in the country to provide customers with efficient, efficient and flexible services at any time.

              Central feeding conveyor system design:

              For workshop raw material delivery and whole plant planning, Hengrong provides customers with a full range of design solutions. From raw material pellets → raw material storage → automatic conveying → automatic material selection → dehumidification and drying → metering and mixing → water outlet recovery → delivery to forming machine

              Central feeding system

              Achieve modern workshop management, quality control We use high-quality cables and imported electrical components to ensure the stability of Hengrong system equipment company production and sales of rubber and plastics plant whole plant automation equipment: central feed system, dehumidification drying system, Metering ratio system, outlet recovery and the entire plant water (ice water), electricity, gas system equipment. Constant Wing Machinery has been committed to creating a high standard of products, based on the rubber and plastics automation industry, a professional team for the design and manufacture of various non-standard equipment, to provide personalized service.

              Our products are widely used in such industries as granulation, electronic appliances, extruded tubes (sheets), optics, automobiles, daily necessities, toys, medical and packaging, etc. We strictly manufacture cost-effective products and strive to create first- Plant automation equipment; the company's centralized feeding automatic delivery system in the country's automatic conveyor industry is at the leading level. While driving the development of the technology of automatic feeding system of centralized feeding in our country, we have been working closely with major universities and research institutes to conduct joint research and development. We are actively engaged in exchanges and discussions with outstanding foreign companies to continuously improve our technology. We will also continue to develop technological innovation and vigorously develop centralized feeding automation Conveyor systems and robotic automation equipment in various fields, as a centralized supplier of automatic conveyor system equipment leading industry influential Chinese enterprises

              Hengrong company perfect service system: According to the actual situation and needs of its company, the technical staff after the site visit for its scientific selection design and planning.

              1, From the plant planning, hydropower engineering design, clean room engineering design, technical advice to the whole plant process planning, by hand to provide you with the most complete and professional design and planning.

              2, provide you high quality, high value products. Our products range from central console, cyclone dust collector, high efficiency filter, fan, branch station, drying hopper, dehumidifier, material selection rack, fretting hopper, electric eye hopper, Valves, everything. Quality deserves your trust.

              3, by a professional engineer for your construction, installation, to the completion of the test to pay off, a series of professional services, and provide the necessary education and training and technical guidance.

              4, perfect after-sales service, engineers in person to plant maintenance, so you have no worries

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