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              How to quantify the central feed system?

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              In the modern production, in order to be able to carry out the production work quickly and safely, some industries use the central feeding system. The central feeding system can centralize the drying, dehumidifying, metering and stirring of raw materials and save a lot of labor labor. Closed conveyor, can solve the workshop noise, dust, and waste of raw materials and other issues. Quantitative central feeding system is a very important issue, if you do not pay attention, it may cause flash, or dry, and other issues not affect the quality of a product. So how to quantify the central feed system? Below by Hengrong technician to answer your questions.


              Central feed system quantitative methods:

              1, meter. The central feeding system is mainly through the quantitative control of the meter to control, according to the actual operation, set the amount of material to be added, set a good quantitative value, the meter will meter to the solenoid valve or a pump switch Signal to reach the set value, the central feed system will automatically shut down the pump or valve, to achieve the automation of feeding.

              2, start button. After the central feeding system finishes a work, if you need to change the quantitative value, you can press this key, the system will automatically zero, you can start the next operation.

              3, restore button. It is used to record unexpected situations, such as power failure, machine failure, etc., causing the central feeding system to stop working halfway. Pressing the resume key can continue the unfinished work.

              4, stop button. If you encounter an emergency, you can press this key to stop the central feed system and avoid any hassle.

              The central feed system is how to quantify, share today, the use of the central feed system to reduce procurement, electricity, maintenance and other costs, improve product quality and work efficiency, bring more benefits to the enterprise.

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