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              What're the features of centralized feeding system accessories ?

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              Centralized feeding system, also known as automatic feeding system, the central feeding system, is a variety of raw materials can be automatically supplied to different injection molding equipment. Its put into use, not only improve work efficiency, but also for the business to save some equipment costs. Usually centralized feeding system mainly by the feeding host, storage drums, meters, dryer and other accessories, they cooperate with each other, from the raw material supply → storage → metering → drying → conveyor → molding production process integration, saving a lot Manpower and resources, to achieve enterprise production automation. So what are the features of the central feed system accessories? Hengrong technician now to answer your questions.


              1, feeding host characteristics
              Feeding host with a safety relief valve function, when the host movement pressure is too large, more than the safety setting when the pressure relief valve will automatically release pressure to protect the motor is not burned. Generally designed to have two feeding host, and automatic switching valve to ensure that the raw materials in the delivery process of safe and stable.

              2, storage bucket features:
              Storage bucket is used to store raw materials, butchering machine with a variety of docking, easy to move, feeding fast. Storage drums are generally made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance does not rust, but also can be customized according to the actual production of customers, the size of optional.

              3, measuring device features:
              Gauge can be a variety of materials to measure the ratio of delivery, the ratio of high precision, accurate and rapid feeding, but also with automated operation function, to achieve full control of the production process and monitoring.

              4, drying equipment features:
              Dryer is the use of heat to remove moisture equipment, it is easy to install, does not take up space, just consume a small amount of electrical energy, can generate heat, to dry purpose, environmental pollution.

              On the central feeding system accessories features what, today to share here. Centralized feeding system can achieve a variety of raw materials centralized management, effectively avoiding the waste and pollution, maintaining a clean factory environment and establish a new corporate image.

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