About the Artist

Welcome to Old Crow Farm and Sunnie's original hooked rug creations!

I am a folk artist living in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. My work is done in a cozy attic studio located in our little white farmhouse down a country road where wonderful wools and other delicious fabrics line the walls.
I use 100 per cent wools almost exclusively for my hand-hooked rugs and various fabrics for my Santas and other folk art characters.

I have been designing and making dolls, quilts, Santas, Halloween characters and other original art pieces for over 40 years- but I have found a new joy in "painting with wool" as I create my rugs! Rug hooking is a delight and I am inspired by our present country life and also from rugs and textiles from the past.

I am a student of antique frakturs, painted furniture and old American and European folk art pieces as well as vintage quilts,rugs and samplers. They are the inspiration for many of my designs as I use some of the same motifs in my work. Sometimes I copy the antique rugs, but I also like to think that I am working in the same primitive or folk art style when I create my originals.

I work primarily in wide cut (numbers 5 to 8) on primitive linen.

All of my work has a touch of whimsy and my customers all seem to be people with a sense of humor and fun who are interested in rugs and collectibles that are unique.

Thank you so much for visiting and I am always happy to answer questions about my rugs and folk characters. All my original rug patterns are hand-drawn on primitive linen or Monk's cloth.

I have only a few patterns where I directly copy old pieces, but I use some of the same motifs (birds, tulips, animals, misc flowers and padulas (Imaginary flowers), stars and many other designs found on illustrated birth and marriage certificates and on antique samplers.

I dye some of my wools myself and also purchase dyed wool from other talented colourists. My rugs are hooked almost exclusively with 100 per cent wool strips on a linen or Monk's cloth backing. They are bound with rug binding and whipped around the edges with 100 per cent wool or wool blend yarns.

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